Artist Statement

When I start a blank sheet of paper, I have no idea where the lines are headed. Each piece I create is born out of moments and experiences where I felt powerless and exposed. While these memories can be painful to recall, the scraping of the color pencil into the paper is a meditative process that allows me to exert control over the materials where I previously had none, transforming my vulnerability into my strength. In that sense, the patterns become empowering timelines of events as I recast them and serve as autobiographical representations of my feminist perspective.

I work with color pencils as their analog nature gives me a true connection to the world. I was given my first set of pencils when I was 14. Nestled in a handmade wooden case, that pencil box has traveled the world with me. It’s a medium I continue to return to, allowing me to create contemporary works with my point of view embedded in each line I leave on the paper.


Street Cred

MFA Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design

BFA Studio Art, Texas Tech University


More than twenty years of experience working on different stuff for different people in a freelance capacity. 

My work experience also includes a twelve year career in Higher Education with progressive leadership roles as an instructor and chairperson. 

Because I am the only person on the planet with my name, if you "google it", it's me.